Best Practice Project Management and Consultancy Video Podcast-Episode 5

Using Core Competency Frameworks

This week we discuss the management of Comptency Frameworks, an ideal tool for managers and Human Resource Management Teams to measure skills, reduce subjectivity during performance reviews and establish capacity & succession management strategies.

By adopting a core skills framework both positive and negative behaviours can be plotted.
Ideal for use during assessments.

For example, the video explains how scoring can be attributed to the demonstration of achieving a competency.
-1 = No demonstration
0 = Some signs of evidence demonstrated, say during an interview session
1 = Good level of evidence demonstrated
2 = Excellent achievement of skill level shown.

In addition, the potential exists for employees to benchmark their skills – therefore setting corporate standards.
Although this latter initiative could be construed as establishing a corporate ‘norm’ and potentially damaging for recognising the power of diversity, if used within the boundaries of clearly identified professional industry standards, benchmarking can be a useful aid to team development.

NB The following video is available through the Know Wow Video podcast available through itunes.


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