Corporate suggestions for Podcasting or Blogging

Although many industry observers still suggest that corporate blogging has still not come of age, is it simple a case that the technology is too complicated to implement, its applicability is still untested or is there a fear of cost / management control of this new media tool ?

A really interesting article on this issue is worth reading from:

It is certainly impressive that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) are now offering video-podcasting downloads of selective programmes, for example: Breakfast (marketed / named at the BBC as The Breakfast takeaway) and Question Time (Yet another channel for David Dimbley to announce everyweek).

Internationally, this offers greater dissemination of information, yet the underlying assumption is that people have the technology and associated skills to receive this form of data.

However, will new channels emerge offering content that people really want?
i.e: It appears that although blogging and podcasting offers elements of interactivity, existing channels and media corporations appear to assume that they know what is good for us. Podcasting has been described as a vital element for the attention economy. However, attention will soon evolve or turn into boredom if such innovation is restricted.

In terms of new channels, already, new talent has begun to emerge from the Internet.

It would be a great step forward for knowledge management and employee communications if internal corporate channels could be developed. ‘Information for the people, by the people’.

Knowledge Hemispheres Ltd ( offers a service entitled: Know Now. It consists of a wide range of possibilities for video, audio or text based podcasters. The service includes:

– Scripting
– Preparation guides
– XML templates
– Professional film crews
– Registration at multiple podcast listing sites
– Equipment and studio hire (inc: For portable podcasting)
– Consultancy to develop or harvest existing content/corporate assets
– Organisational analysis to develop effective corporate channels.
– Copyright guidance (audio or video)
– Development of customised feeds.

These tools could be used for immediate benefit in many corporations today. For example:

– CEO Address
– Department Address
– Intranet linked eInduction
– Training enhancement
– Sales communication
– Corporate refreshers
– Project announcements or updates
– Targeted marketing campaigns
– e-induction, e-Learning and Knowledge Management initiatives
– Cross industry coverage and Public Relations
– Product/Service placement


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