How much does a podcast cost? Ideas for advertising on Podcasts

In terms of costs, Knowledge Hemispheres experience reveals that a lot depends on a show’s (described as episodes) length, content development, subject, copyright / royalty payments, research, scripting, hosting costs and investment in equipment – and that is just for starters! In terms of the length, typically the length needs to be multiplied by a factor of 3 for post production activities.For example, if a podcast (aka episode) is to last 20minutes, then realistically there will be a need for up to 1 hour of post production per episode.

Charges could be divided into 3 main areas. These items could be consolidated into a one off set-up charge, for example:

1. Set-up of XML file and software elements
2. Podcast directories (normally free – inc: itunes)
3. Cost of equipment and technical infrastructure.

Typical monthly cost (if selected)
1. Voiceover charges : 1 hour (includes retries and refinement) = £150.00 (typical voiceover artist charges can start at £250/hr !)
2. Hosting charges (you could avoid this by hosting it on your own server) : £x
3. Agree Terms of reference and publication format for episode = (Half day meeting). NB Add also the cost of research and scripting.
4. Post Production (once the recording is made)
5. Statistical reporting on downloads and clicks through feedburner and other systems: £x
6. Finalise publication = £x (Half day meeting to meet and finalise the episode for quality)
Total : approx £1000 per episode. (NB These are ball-park costs but provide a task breakdown of typical activities).
These costs could be off-set by an organisation deploying commercial payback costs:

– Product Placement
– Recording Company conferences
– Sponsored adverts
– Sponsored pre-article inserted audio
– Sponsored post-article inserted audio
– Combined offers, for example: part printed classifieds and part audio
– Special product video podcasts featuring a show-case corner.
– Special documentaries with a chance to meet and interview industry leaders et al.
– Special Training podcasts
– Sponsored sales inductions’
– Revenue % to licensing bodies if the podcast is generates any revenue.

For example, Knowledge Hemispheres Ltd are licensed by the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society and Performing Rights Society.

This means we adhere to their rules on respective copyright and royalties to any podcast productions we develop.In addition, portable studio equipment hire is now available for developing high quality audio.


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