Best Practice Project Management and Consultancy now downloadable to your ipod

The ipod has been a revolution in terms in many ways:

1. Bringing new and existing content into a ‘TiVO’ (Interactive Television) type environment – i.e: Content when you want it and where you want it.
2. The rise of new media talent
3. Real world communication of experiences
4. Viewer Created Content – Known as VC2.

The latter is especially interesting in a world where Television viewing appears to be supplemented by
Already video podcasts are available for lifestyle applications, for example: gym work-outs.
In addition, there is great potential in the ability to recieve direct feedback and establish popularity based viewing.
For example through

Interestingly, new videopodcast directories are now being launched. For example,

Knowledge Hemispheres have pioneered in the area of developing best practice content for project managers and management consultants.

Their video podcasts have always been available on itunes. They are now available for immediate download onto video ipods.
All files are now stored as .M4V. This means that they are slightly larger in size but have been optimised for viewing on the ipod screen.
In 2006, their Wiki called received over 150,000 hits.

Knowledge Hemispheres Know-wow Episodes 8 and 9 are now available and released with an episode tag of ‘rr’ (re-release).


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