What are the 4P’s of Podcasting again?

I mentioned it yesterday but to save anyone looking it up, here they are.
My problem with them all is that they appear so ‘old school’. Remember the 4D’s of Project Management – Discover, Design, Develop and Deploy. Did some one forget about ‘Divulge’ – i.e before deploy we need a testing phase so that pilot users can divulge if they have changed their minds on their original requirement – you know that they always do!

OK, back to the 4P’s. The common opinion for corporate podcasting appears to be …

Plan, Produce, Publish and Promote.

My view on why this maybe slighly limited:

1. Plan – Did someone forget P for with People and P for defining Performance criteria?
2. Produce – Did someone forget P for Purchase the right items / kit and P for Performance?
3. Publish – Did someone forget P for Projection to the right channels (internal / external)?
4. Promote – Did someone forget P for Pitch with management or team support?

I’m not sure if these 4P’s are enough unless they can incorporate the following essential elements?

Portable applications
Cost of ownership and Return on Investment
Leadership support
Creativity from within the organisation or external links to clients
In-house Liasons and Podcast Producers, i.e: linking-up internally
Production Mistakes and archiving strategies
The impact of good and bad shows together with establishing improvement (feedback) strategies.
Getting the right content
Pre-Production Steps
Scripting, off-the-record management and interviewing skills
Litigation possibilities
Post-Production techniques
Pitch and tone
Audio standards
Video standards
Prioritisation mechanisms
Listening online
Who’s listening / stats et al

I’ve recently seen a training course from a PR company that positions the 5 P’s of Corporate Podcasting (training) as follows:

• Preparation
• Performance
• Post production
• Posting
• Promotion

Somebody seems to have missed out P for Piloting!
In addition, there might need to be a separate internal pricing model for production houses themselves, i.e: P for Profit (how much are we going to charge and where are most of our cost being consumed?).

Interestingly, they must be managing their Search Engine Optimisation really well as they appear on the first page of google upon the associated search for Corporate Podcasting. I feel another post coming on about this!

Misinformation on the simplicity of corporate podcasting by some vendors may create a P for Panic from potential clients, scared off by bad P for press and F for, it was just a fad!


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