Hosted Blogs Vs Own Hosted Blogs ?

I guess the question should really be should whether one selects a standard blog engine, available instantly (normally after registration et al) online, ready for customisation from the wonderful likes of Google, WordPress, Typepad…? Or, is it best to download a Blogging engine and both host and configure it yourself?
One arguement is that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Friendly URL’s (SEF) appear to be configured / established for you with WordPress, Google and Typepad hosted blogs. All of these folks now offer a range of customisable style sheets. I wonder if they also optimise your journal entry for:
* Page Rank?
* Meta Tags?
* Key word optimisation for higher degrees of search success?
* Standardised front-ends, avoiding possible formatting issues?
* Allow easier categorisation with Technocrati and Digg?
* Images that they will store for you?
Maybe one advantage of hosting it yourself is that you can control the look, feel and experience more.
I have been blogging since ‘03 and only over the last year converted to using various WordPress based templates and plugins.
I have to say that some of the plugins are truly innovative and allow excellent features such as audio streaming and video viewing.
However, if your personally hosted blogsite is not configured there is a danger that ones words will never get out there!


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