Surface Computing will change the world

The following videos (describing surface technology) shows us that we humans are continuing to innovate and the thought of the Semantic web is coming closer.

It suggests greater interaction and seamless interoperability between digital devices.
It was interesting to see/hear that the core technology (Multi-touch) has been around for a few years.

The Reuters video shows us some more practical uses… Good on Microsoft for continuing to innovate!

What does this technology mean for businesses in the future?
From a business tools perspective, probably less devices and greater control based centres and management approaches.
Collaboration in teams will be greatly enhanced if people can ‘touch’ and feel a concept.

I wonder also if the sensitivity of these devices could also lead to further innovation, for example: a new way of interacting depending on pressure applied to specific graphical objects?

If the technology could also incorporate fast and efficient conferencing applications,  the technology could help the world with its environmental challenges.

From a designer perspective a greater insight, simulation and understanding for industries such as architecture, construction and even system architects for redesigning the inside of computers. With regard to the latter, it is amazing that computers are giving us a greater visibility and power to change them (computers) !

The first video suggests integration with house-hold applications and the reduction of cabling/plug-in devices. I also agree it could revolutionize the way humans interact with daily tools and their dependency on logistical ‘runs’.

We do also need to consider accessibility standards. This is an area that cannot be ignored.  In addition, how much reliance on communication will there be with this device, for example, use of Wi-Fi?

I wonder if there is a roll for an intelligent coffee mat!
I can see a whole lot of jokes around not serving cheese with that!


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