Corporate Podcasting Show – Episode 15 – Virtual Business world applications

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It has been a few weeks since the last posting and show. The main reason has been the extent of project work we are trying to complete in my company. One of our clients has asked us to accelerate the development of online assessment systems.

Recently I had a opportunity to catch up with a great friend of mine, Walter Adams, Managing Director of
His company are continuing to implement successful virtual business environments.

I got chatting to him about the following:

* Could virtual environments become an extension for todays social networks?
* How could todays companies take advantage of simulations?
* Is there a place for e-Learning and virtual simulations?
* How can companies get started?
* What is Second life and why do people go there?
* Are there any examples or case studies where virtual business world applications could work?

It was great to capture his thoughts on the latest audio podcast and I am grateful to him for all his time and advice for us to share.
I welcome your feedback.

Interestingly, I also found this video on the popular virtual world, Second Life:

PS All new shows will now be released every 2 weeks on a Sunday night.

Until next time…


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