The value of YouTube

One of the great things about the Internet is the way it has dramatically facilitated greater creativity and innovation. Once somebody said that the difference between the latter two words is that Creativity should be considered as creating something new, whereas Innovation is a variation of the idea yet still original!

The first is the original film edited and directed by Aaron Platt. (It is actually the music video for Apologize by One Republic, the same band who has written Bleeding Love, a seven week UK number one single by Leona Lewis, winner of last year’s UK X-Factor. The second is involving probably a lower budget production cost model but in my view creating a great impact.

I have always been a fan of using technology that is more accessible, i.e.: Creating a similar affect but at the fraction of the cost is in my view an innovation.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that YouTube with all its value in bringing people together has both a positive and negative aspect. From a positive perspective it is a platform for self-expression, hot news and reminiscing – Yes, I too have to admit to watching an old episode of Monkey Magic, organized into 4 different 20 minute segments! We have to also consider in light of recent tragedies YouTube’s negativity is the compulsion for fame.

A few years back my company completed a project for a Video-to-video mobile phone company. They were adamant that video calls would be the next big thing. At this stage of our mobile communications path, this is still not the case. Generally, people prefer text messages or voice calls. Maybe it is not possible from a practical perspective. Interestingly, the firms strategy changed during the project from content choice to what I describe as content presentation. For example, finding innovation in the way content is being ‘pushed’ – e.g: presenting top 10 clips of movie releases.

What is interesting is that people are still recording video albeit using increasingly better mobile phone technology but instead of sending recordings to each other, they are using video upload sites like YouTube to broadcast them.

Therefore, the future of television and what we watch will be changing for the better. Is this good news?

We now have an opportunity to enjoy entertainment that the public create. This maybe a long way off from quality formatted programmes. NB Traditional media outlets must know that they have this advantage, i.e: skills and heritage in editing, presentation, advert insertion, targeted marketing and relationships with massive Public Relations organisations!

I also wonder if the traditional media outlets/channels will still retain editorial control. The risk of losing control is the potential loss of advertising revenue and targeted marketing. There is a lot of money riding on the future of media!


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