Broadcast Live

Here is a short but informative example of the different websites such as blogTV, UStreamTV, Operator11 etc providing means for you to broadcast audio/video content live on the internet. It specifies one and not all of superior features of each of these websites probably because this example is just a touch of the subject thereby prompting you to explore the websites and look for yourself!

Anyone from anywhere in the world can perform a live show on the internet! -  this statement probably know to all of us it surely is an alternative source for people like Erin and Susan who were unable to find distributors for the video broadcasting of their film “Four-Eyed Monsters”. They finally build up their own video podcast to reach their audience and to everyone’s surprise “Four Eyed Monster” is the first full-length movie to be there on YouTube! Isnt’t this an awesome achievement for these two to start their career with?

Jetset live has surely done some good for its publicity by persuading its viewers to visit and quote their comments. Actually it compounds to much more to their identity than adding just the comments!


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