Video is ideal for Corporate Podcasting

Hot off the press! The pictures below were taken an hour or so ago whilst some of the Knowledge Hemispheres New media crew set-up up a video booth for one of their clients.

The concept is to gather opinion and encourage participation with local and national issues.
The client happens to be a council that is keen on capturing an ‘on the ground’ ear of understanding.

Video is ideal for communicating opinion as it:

  • Brings a ‘real world’ perspective – for example, a true expression of passion of the subject area
  • Proliferation of content – for example, availability of content through a number of channels.
  • Rapid deployment / immediate availability – albeit, assuming good quality editing or first takes. NB today’s video recording technology makes it slightly easier to shoot, edit and post.
  • Sharing – Although related to the proliferation of content, this is more about compounding or building on a point being made.

With regard to the latter, if an on-line video (you only have to see what is most popular on YouTube), ‘strikes a cord’, then discussion, wider bookmarking / referencing and a building of momentum is facilitated. Voting can also be added into the mix.

New technology for mobile phones is worth understanding, e.g: the brilliant video networking tool mDialogue

The latter deploys a wonderful methodology:

Upload Engage Distribute…

In summary, use of video as a corporate podcasting opportunity is both efficient and engaging.
The pictures show some of the Knowledge Hemispheres crew setting up a video booth at a library location, the exercise is to be repeated for 3 days at 3 different locations. The final video will provide opportunities for gathering and verifying wider opinion on a major council and national issue.

Commercial examples could include: communication of key business drivers by a CEO or simply re-iterating Sales strategy and associated progress.

We also need to remember that two-way communication is an essential part of the mix for new media solutions.
Video is a great way to combat ‘death by powerpoint’.


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