Blogging and emergence of Corporate Video Podcasting

Another clear and simple description for people who still require convincing that Blogging has a part to play in both empowerment and interactive media. The video suggests that Blogging is ideal for niche audiences. However, increasingly traditional media giants are now opening up their communication channels to help understand opinions and reactions. This is more than a discussion forum, albeit that many are highly moderated – in one sense this distorts opinion. What is important to consider is the term, ‘ground swell’. I still think that the Internet has the power to drive change – the challenge is that at the current stage of Blogging evolution it is still not seen to be a serious contender.

From a corporate Video Podcasting perspective, there is certainly a lot more Corporate Video Content on the Internet.
Take a look at Regonline’s channel. Regonline offer an excellent webbased Training booking system.
Here they can communicate:

  • Company President messages
  • New features

In addition, a really useful feature is when we see that their website uses Youtube for Client testimonals – They call it Reviews:

Interestingly, personal Vlogging adds another flavour to communicating opinions or is it an excuse for exhibiting. more on that soon!


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