Corporate Uses for Twitter

When I first came across Twitter it took me time to understand its objective.
Would I really want to use a mechanism to inform people where I was and what I was doing?

Many have described Twitter as a lifestreaming device, i.e. An on-line record of a person’s daily activities, either via direct video feed or via aggregating the person’s online content such as blog posts, social network updates and on-line photos.

The following video outlines how the concept of sharing and getting closer to people can be assisted with Twitter.

Consider this concept from a corporate perspective

  1. What are employees up to right now
    – Generically / across the board
    – By department
    – By client
    – By executives
  2. By important research and development
  3. Contributing to the confidence of an organisation but potentially generating hype!
  4. Project updates at critical times / at a time of project recovery
  5. Communicating key event information
  6. Asking for help on specific areas of urgency
  7. Similar to the latter but focused on asking for opinions, pre/post decisions
  8. Validating what you are doing in a particular market
  9. Informing people of postings / updates
  10. Getting people to believe in a common cause.
  11. Personal Branding- developing your image – I hope this does not turn into a celebrity thing!
  12. Direct traffic – almost ‘acting like a news site’.
  13. Driving Scoops – for example exclusive stories or referencing content that others / followers may find interesting.
  14. Increasing your circle of influence or simply making new (likeminded?!) friends.
  15. Business Networking – With hopefully useful connections.
  16. Note and To Do list development – Could be a reminder for shopping items! You could use Twitter for time management analysis too.
  17. Conference and Event Updates – ideal for big events
  18. ‘Live’ commentary – For example concerts or from a business perspective busy conferences, for example when people attend together they can visit different stalls and advise each other on what to see again.
  19. Link your updates to other social networking tools, for example, pointing out to your followers useful content that you have found.
  20. Link your updates to obtain feedback and for example, voting on articles you post about your company.

In summary, there are some great opportunities to use Twitter but you will need to be aware of its potential use as a misleading shield or mask!


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