The future of New Media

The changing media landscape and its impact on marketing to clients. In recent years it has been reported that upto 60% of traditional media viewers are switching to on-line media, new media (inc: audio and video podcasts) and interactive web environments. Many have
gained popularity with teens or what some researchers have suggested as the ‘natives’ of technology – The latter model considers natives to be those that have been born into using technology as compared to other generations who have adapted or migrated to using on line tools. No wonder advertisers are concerned about losing revenues from traditional channels.

Interestingly, it is blockbuster shows, major sporting events and major reality TV shows that are keeping audiences. For example, programmes like, So you think you can dance, Britain’s got talent, The Apprentice, X-Factor and Strictly come dancing, (NB there are
international equivalents of these shows too) are successful in keeping audiences hooked.

NB Huge audience demographic for some of these programmes are teenagers.

Therefore, in the future they may have multiple windows open on their computers, some with a discussion about the show in their virtual world and another with a ‘live’ reality TV programmes with a pay per vote option. Maybe the advert time will be the only time they
(teens) will have to chat with their parents or carry on chatting with their virtual friends, 90-95% of whom they have probably never met!

It is this new frontier of media (new media) where there is a potential to develop interesting and engaging content. New talent will emerge but there will also be the need for companies to position themselves, not just with the right Public Relations strategy but with a multichannel
approach (with varying demographic considerations) for existing clients, new business and supplier relationship development.


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