Promoting products and updates using Twitter & mash-ups

Consider the launching of a new product or update.
In this case a sneak preview to Social Media is a cocktail party – out today.

Generically, how could you both buzz and potential clients using social networking?

The following blog is also available word-for-word as an embedded blog inside

What the post and its associated link to a Twitter / Tweet shows is the value of a social media mash-up.

e.g: The book is promoted indirectly through Twitter, blog and inside Amazon – great idea.
Now, how could we apply this.

  • You have lots of Twitter followers – organically developed and filtered!
  • Followers could be clients
  • Followers could be a partner network or distribution chain.
  • PR and promotional schedules are linked through pre-product launch blogs
  • Selective Twitter accounts raise the vibe on the story through interacting with the latter or simply through the authors contacts.
  • On the day of the product launch or update announcement, raise Tweets throughout the day on their progress.
  • Monitor, refine & respond to @replies
  • Consider linking to Social Median to create mashups

BTW The book looks good.


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