New Media trends look good but need greater Corporate awareness

The figures shown in the following graph based on Internet Advertising Bureau and Price Waterhouse Coopers recent analysis of the New Media advert insertion market.

I wonder if this 11% rise suggests that the new media market place will be able to stand the continual statement, re: the world entering a heavy recessional period?

From a non-commercial context I do consider what I said in a recent statement, re: government departments considering the use of such technologies – this relates to a posting I read about how the UK government are holding New media awareness/training sessions. A few years back, actually as early as 2005 I wrote a paper for one government department on the potential of RSS. It was considered as useful but needed someone to champion it / give it a chance. I called up their marketing department a year later. They said that they had tried Corporate podcasting but it had failed in their view due to inaccessibility. The key point here is the need to consider that although from a non-commercial perspective, advertising revenue is not of concern, what is just as important is the need to consider savings and the cost of paying third party agencies to produce print media that tends to advertise for example, government project successes or updates.

From a commercial perspective a lot will dependant on the type of organisations that consider value from this type of marketing / advertising. It will require clearer descriptions on what a multi-channel strategy can deliver. Maybe the fact that it track-able and had greater international reach will also help. Recently we consulted with a firm that were spending huge amounts on Pay Per click. Their backward links consisted of a single online site. In addition, although they had lots of video talking about the confidence of their medical procedures, they were not utilising multiple channels to market. Their advertising was blended, incorporating radio and print media.

What I find difficulty with is the possibility that New media is sometimes perceived to be threathening rather than complementary. In another example, Knowledge Hemispheres have contacted publication houses and suggested that their print media could be complemented with new media, for example a podcast that has special/exclusive features, advert insertion and previews or incentives for people to purchase the extended / actual print version. They also suggest a online advertising placement rate card, similar to pricing matrix typically used to sell printed classifieds.

In summary, I’m optimistic about these figures, especially in the recent development and take-up of mobile and push-type technologies. At last people are using RSS readers on their cell phones and making available corporate blogs. What we need now is for some bold companies to integrate develop mash-up strategies to ensure that they can communicate better both internally and externally – Let us also not forget the importance of subtle advertising too ! Now that is a different matter, especially with the poor reputation of pop-ups and recent surveys suggesting that sms advertising can be annoying…


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