e-Learning and Social networks

Whilst browsing casually. Is that the same as wasting time by channel surfing on TV? I don’t think so as its far more dynamic. I came across a great example of the use of e-Learning and social networking, i.e: Xlingo

The experience of the social web has demonstrated the potential for citizens to engage, create and share knowledge. An interesting example is language networks where people learn from each other in informal, user negotiated ways.

E-learning has the potential to encourage the self-propelled skills of exploration, negotiation, collaboration, and autonomous enquiry. Online digital tools, such as multimedia, have been shown as powerful ways to engage students who are disadvantaged in traditional education. It is also essential that as responsible society we are more sensitive to the requirements of disability and accessibility, or what I prefer to say helping differently abled people. Practically this means access to improved interfaces.


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