Set Your Bath Using an iPhone

Long sweaty day in the office or on the journey home? Looking forward to that refreshing bath at the end the day?

In an exciting new media development, the iPhone now has a feature that allows you to set the bath before you step through the door. The “Bath-o-matic” application can get the tub filled complete with bubbles and a specific temperature with the touch of a finger.

With the combination of £4,000 hi-tech set of taps the iPhone controls will run you the perfect soak.  It works with the various settings that are selected on the iPhone, sending the various signals to a set of Unique Automatic Bathomatic range taps that adjusts the temperature, water level and even apply soak bubbles to your perfect bath.
The control software is available free of charge and can be downloaded from the Apple Application Stores. This application will be launched at the ISE Exhibition in Amsterdam 3-5 February 2010.

Unique Automation has also informed users to expect the Bathovision television application!


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