Microsoft vs Google

The Battle of the Operating System and Search Engine

Lately there have been a lot of fuel being added to the flame on the battle of the OS and I’m not talking about Microsoft vs Apple, more along the lines of the top dogs and undefeated Microsoft vs the newcomers Google Chrome. Interestingly enough some would think this would be an easy decision to make leaning towards the well known and overly familiar Microsoft OS, however Google Chrome proves somewhat of a worthy competition. Using the browser as the underlined margin where all future ‘desktop’ programs will run, Chrome creates an illusion that all your system needs is a web browser, making it easy to work from any device that has access to a browser. Even though this seems fairly simple critics are still not sure if Chrome is able to perform certain tasks as a regular OS i.e. running desktop programs such as Photoshop without difficulty. Though very cost efficient, FREE, Google Chrome steps out of the boundaries of the traditional desktop into an age where today’s desktop software will be overtaken by internet-based services that enable users to choose the document formats, search tools and editing capability that best suit their needs.

It’s very clear that from this Google is increasingly stamping all over Microsoft’s turf, and with that Microsoft fires back by introducing their search engine, Bing! Competing heavily in a department which Google is known to have mastered and currently have the upper hand, Microsoft launches a search engine. Surprisingly Bing seems to have caught a lot of attention and is gradually on the up rise and the main difference now between the two engines is that Bing offers more options such as a specific health section and also offers a ‘related searches’ searches section. As usual Google goes for the more direct approach and offers the straight list of results with a Universal Search (in this case news and video results inline with normal webpage results).

So the question remains can Google Chrome be the future for Operating systems making internet-based services the future in desktop format or will Microsoft simply remove the competition, and further establish their leading enterprise by being the top search engine?

Where will your allegiance lie? And who will come out on top? The battle of the OS and search engine continues.


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