Is Twitter Safe?

Tweet Security?

For such a popular social security network site you would think the security would be on an iron grid lock, however this is not the case as there have been several cases of hacking and stolen identities being reported on the site. Quiet recently where the security documents of the site were stolen and published an admin from twitter released a statement saying ‘..the publication of stolen documents is irresponsible and we absolutely did not give permission for these documents to be shared.’
We are forced to question for a social site that is so prestigiously known for their A-list members with the likes of President Obama, Oprah and now even Her Royal Highness the Queen being apart of the network, how can such a site be so easily hacked?

Accounts of several of these famous names were reportedly hacked or compromised repeatedly. It was reported that twitter admin documents were leaked revealing member’s valuable account information.
Though twitter has issued a formal statement stating that they “… are pursuing a path to address the harm caused by these actions and as noted yesterday, we’ve already reached out to the partners and individuals affected.”

It still leaves all their users to question, am I safe on twitter? Is my personal information, messages, numbers etc and the information of my network of friends safe? Can i really trust this site?

What however is certain is that the twitter security or admissions office probably needs a new plan of action on how their files are handled, stricter practices need to be put in place to ensure that privacy is maintained.

With a network of millions of users relaying different types of personal information that is thought to be over a secure mode of communication, this issue needs to be addressed as a top priority. This not only brings us to question the fallibility of twitter but also of other social network sites and how much information should be divulged to these ‘secure’ sites?

Read More here on Twitter Security Breach


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