Impact of Microsoft and Yahoo Deal

It was fascinating to see two major organisations, Microsoft and Yahoo come together last week.
Collectively, this formation will mean a market penetration of search of 7.7% in the UK and 28% in the US, according to ComScore – is the global source of digital market intelligence and the most preferred measurement service (
According to them

Google remains the unchallenged giant in the arena that really matters: advertising revenue. According to the blog Search Engine Land, Google takes almost a third of all online advertising money – $21bn a year – and it doesn’t rely on search.

There is also an interesting article: that suggests the future for applications, such as maps, that both organisations have.

What is really interesting is the way in which people will be getting or be directed to content.

1. Will Twitter help to direct traffic to blogs ?
2. Will this joint venture impact on developing search arenas, for example: mobile, social media and access to learning?
3. With Google adopting a server side model, what does this mean for local productivity tools and office applications?
4. How much of the statistics being reported are distorted by people’s homepages being set by default to a particular search engine page?

With regard to the latter, interestingly is there still demand for a portal service?


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