Corporate Podcasting and New media Show – Episode 29 – Launch Of Our Restructured Website

This month (August ‘09) -In this special episode, we are very pleased to unveil our new and improved site to the awaiting public – it’s been a long time coming but now the much needed revamp is complete.

We’ve been busy putting the final touches to the site, it has been put off on a few occasions, just to ensure it is more consumer friendly and has a much greater accessibility.

The website has been redesigned to make it easier to use and understand the services that we offer, how you can use these services to advance your business or organization and how we can help you in doing this.

The new site our team have been working on now includes our four main areas of expertise which our business engages in, Audio, Video, e-Learning and Web Development and Training. Under each main heading we further branch off into sub-sections, giving a detailed outline of the different types of features that each main topic will contain (ie Audio – Audio Podcast), and how we can help you in developing each area for your organization according to your specification.

We’d love to hear what you think about the new site – so any and all comments are welcome.
To subscribe and listen, head for i-tunes or listen now by clicking on the play button below:


The wonderful featured music is courtesy of the amazing Travis Vega


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