Who Invented Podcasting?

Who is the “Podfather” ?

There has been an ongoing interesting question in “cyber world” that I recently picked up while browsing through various pages.

Who invented podcasting? Never thought to ask, but now that the question has been raised, Lets address the issue.
The idea of providing episodic media content, was developed initially by two persons, Dave Winer and Adam Curry. Both are said to have worked together on the concept and the programming to follow. However due to personal issues the two drifted and there is a now ongoing debate as to who owns the right of being named the “Podfather”, colleagues in both camps have taken sides, and there seems to be a line drawn right in the middle of both. There is also the speculation of data being given over the internet, as to who should be the rightful owner.

So I guess this will still remain an unsolved mystery.

However what is not a mystery is the ingenious idea of what Podcasting really is, what is has done and the future in store for such a creative New media technology.

According to KHL:

Consider Pocasting as a free subscription to a speciality audio magazine.

In the busy world we live in it is getting harder for business to ensure its messages are heard. Modern consumers, especially the young, have become adept at filtering out advertising, making traditional methods less and less effective. The advantage of a podcast is it can be listened to however the user likes.

Whether or not Podcasting is claimed by the rightful father, there is no doubt about it that by using this technology there are numerous media developments and engaging communication that can be incorporated into your website, blogs, business/organization and even home. This not only includes audio Podcasts but also video Podcasts!

To read more about how Podcasting can help you Click Here.

Or tune into our Smooth Groovers Podcast show Here.


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