3D Fujifilm Camera

3D expanding boundaries: Capture shots in 3D

With 3D being an instant hit at the box-offices through life-like movies such as Ice Age 3, Monsters vs Aliens and My Bloody Valentine, it was only natural for the 3D marketing boundaries to be pushed and experimented upon.

And with that in mind 3D  images will not only leap out of movie screens in blockbuster films but now you can share this out of screen experience through photos!

Fujifilm, the Japanese film and camera company has geniously made photos come to life, with the creation of their latest gadget, a 3D camera. The camera looks like any ordinary camera, with the exception that the processor within the camera blends the foreground and background of a captured image together to create an image that leaps at you.

In order to see the image, as any normal camera the image can be viewed at the screen located at the back of the camera or using a special viewer frame to hold and display the images in a 3D format so the images are viewed in a 3D mode.

According to the digital product manager at Fujifilm, Mr Georghiades, this gadget will revolutionise the camera market, and he is confident that “…3D is the way forward”.

Pocket wise, Is a 3D camera the way forward?
Well as one would expect, the price for having a different view of things does not come cheap as one of  the most expensive camera out there starting price calls at nearly £600!

That’s a large price to pay for an out of image experience, usually for such an experience the cost is significantly lower and its only requirement is 3D glasses and popcorn. However to take home such a unique method of capturing images is, priceless?


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