Audio Blogs?

Blogs in Audio Format?

Normally considered the written current news, Blogs are methods of relaying information through means of regular commentary, and is also considered a type of website, but have you considered the possibilities of having a blog solely in the form of mp3?

Embedded audio can normally be found on websites of all sorts, as well as on blogs which can be an addition link on a website keeping daily readers up to date with the current affairs of the organization or the outside world.

With the possibility of incorporating an all audio-blog there are limitless things that can be done that the written text cannot accomplish. Such as language tones i.e. Sarcasm and many other expressions that are captured perfectly and clearly in the tone of voice might be missed in ordinary text.

The blogs are stored in an mp3 format and there is the additional downloadable option that makes the information easier to share as well as transfer on to any portable device such as mp3 device or your phone, as well as the audio-bog can be transferred onto a hard copy such as a CD. So this does not limit you to the use of the internet to access the blog’s information.

Just like any international website there is also the options of having various languages to accommodate different persons, in audio the use of voice-over plays in perfectly, where the use of audio voice-over techniques could facilitate many different languages.

There are however some disadvantages where this method of blogging may not be disable- friendly and might require some facility to cater to the disabled.

To read more on the process and various equipment and features used in audio-production Click Here.


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