Audio Tweets: Twuner

Twune You Tweets

In speaking about having sole audio-blogs, Twitter it seems is way ahead of the game when compared to other social networks and the various apps that they offer.

Now Twitter offers the choice of listening to tweets on your phone! Once again the range of expectations that twitter brings to social networking never ceases to amaze.

Twuner I understand is quite fun. The new technology twitter brings us a combination of text and speech and is only designed for listening to audio tweets through the medium of your phone.

The great main advantage is that this caters to those at a disadvantage reading twitter messages, making it easy for them to send and receive tweet messages.

There are minor errors as one would expect with speech recognition devices and Twuner is no exception, i.e. pronunciation of slang and foreign words and having URL links in audio form can be a bit pointless. Though there is the choice of male and female voices both are a bit impersonal and might take some getting used to.

Many tried the twuner and have said that this is not one that wil be taken by the pubic readily as twitter, like most social networks is considered a visual medium, Twuner suprising all odds accomplishes the audio tweeting task top of the game.

So give it a try, Twune into Twitter!


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