Digital Textbooks:New Meaning to e-Learning

A new meaning to e-Learning

With the electronical era already on the horizon there are several traditional things that are being taken over with digital new media, can books be another one to succumb to the pressures of this new era?

Well there is definitely the possibility of that taking place, where traditional books are now in the process to be replaced with digital textbooks. This also gives a wide and new meaning to e-learning. Where e-learning as we understand it is simply electronic learning by means of web-based distance education, with no face-to-face interaction. This type of educational interaction is now being revolutionized, where there is not only expanding by means of interactive learning but also sole traditional learning. This includes the use of upgradable electronic books.

The benefits of having an ‘e-book’ are somewhat obvious, where it is better for the environment (with the absence of paper being used for pages), they are easily upgradable and they weigh a considerable amount less.

There are some issues that  have been taken into consideration, one which poses top priority at the moment is the compatibility of this technology. With the use of an electronic book reader, compatibility of the device and the downloadable text or programs has to be taken into account. There are many different competing e-books on the market and most textbook publishers do not use the same format which can pose a compatibility problem.

Digital Textbooks are just another branch of the e-Learning franchise and with the much-rumoured and overly anticipated ‘Apple Tablet’ this future technology can lead to quite a promising future for eduation and the publishing future.


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