Photoshare Using New Camera iPods

It seems that they is much more to sharing than Social networking, where apple is introducing their new iPod which sports an exclusive point-and-shoot Photo Sharing i-Pod.

The biggest new revelation is that the iPod touch and nano are about to get themselves on-board cameras. Apple is introducing this method of file sharing where they have integrated a a camera into the new iPods to be launched on September 9th. Apple has stated that this has been a long time coming, and with the introduction of the iPod Touch, it was only a matter of time to add a camera tool to the device.

Online Photo Sharing has increased massively since the introduction of the i-Phone, imagine the impact it would have if your mp3 player had the ability to take photos as well as upload them to various sites, whether they be social, business related, personal or otherwise .

This has been rumoured to reinvent the way you take pictures and listen to music. The i-Pod franchise having such a huge impact on society is ready to raise the stakes and jump to the next level, combining the worlds most popular music player with possibly the world’s, most popular camera.

A quick display intro can be seen!


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