Microsoft Tablet PC – The Courier – Can’t wait

A Microsoft Tablet seems to be on the horizon, just like Apple it is apparently planning the release of new hardware. A few months back we were ecstatic about the possibilities of a ‘big’ ipod touch / Apple Tablet / whatever it will end up being.
I found this video on the Gizmodo website.

It will certainly bring about the potential for

  1. A more comprehensive eBook
  2. New field based applications
  3. Collaborative working (inc: content sharing)
  4. Greener apps – reducing paper
  5. Colour for a A new type of interactive experience for content / articles/ ebooks.

If the latter is true, have publishers already started to develop books with on-line links to reliable references?

But what about basic issues such as:

  • Accessibility
  • Battery life
  • Standards
  • Interoperability both in terms of applications and different hardware (will there be a return to IBM VS APPLE)
  • Secure information &
  • Ensuring you don’t get mugged!

Could it become an interface for a surface computer? Now that would be something!


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