The ELSE Intuition offers an innovative interface

The promo video is certainly engaging suggesting something new is needed and that all types of user have to adjust to the interface provided.
I’m not sure at this stage if you can adapt the provided interface but the design is certainly different and innovative in nature.

In terms of implications for users, yes, it is different but is it different enough for accessibility and connectivity from an integration perspective, i.e:

  1. Future phones probably should be more semantic in nature, making it easier to interface with daily tasks.
  2. In terms of applications, will it demand proprietary development paths or standardised adaptation of existing ‘Apps’?
  3. Will it work with some the emerging exciting touch, tablet and surface computing devices?
  4. Could different versions be made available with even more innovation demonstrated for different ability and functional requirements?

The advert is correct at suggesting that there is a need to rethink what technologies are suitable or fit for purpose.

NB I still have friends who prefer some of the rugged Nokia’s with their traditional large displays, keyboards and menus.

The following video takes you through a mini-tour:


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