Youtube Direct and Video Booths

Is video becoming more pervasive in an organisation ? If so is is being fuelled by the every increasing functionality of camera phones and digital cameras or is there a deeper issue with regard to the need for greater interaction with clients or simply having fun.

There are many flexible video booth solutions available in the market-place and are often used at exhibitions and for personal events such as  Weddings and Christenings.

We recently spoke to some clients who consider Video Booth technology as an essential way to capture opinions, especially during for example, workshop breakout sessions or public meetings.

A recent project at Knowledge Hemispheres involved the set-up of a manual video booth. A council was conducting an campaign against the expansion of a transport station. They wanted to gather opinions that were both pro and con the central issues. Dates were booked for a video booth to be made available firstly after a public meeting and then for up to 3 weeks at local libraries. NB An essential  consent form was also completed before any video opinion was recorded. The final consolidated video was delivered to the client including a full recording of the public hearing.

The content was then re-purposed by being compiled into a series of Video podcasts that were time released. In addition, content was re-used internally.

There are many advantages for using a dedicated video booth especially through some wonderful automated stand systems, for example:

  • Branding and Professional capture
  • Focused questions through a survey mechanism
  • Automated consent
  • Forming part of the entire story.
  • High Quality recordings
  • Collection and moderation post event

With regard to the latter, an integrated approach is facilitated using such technologies, i.e: It encourages dialogue, captures views from people who may be shy to speak in public and in many ways is a enabling technology of democracy.

Other ways of capuring opinions, e.g: You Tube Direct
Youtube have recently released Youtube Direct. Combined with video booths, further content can be captured from personal camera mobile phone and video footage. The interface using an open source approach and includes a moderation panel. Once content is moderated it can be published on an Intranet or on a public website. One of the benefits of this virtual video collection mechanism is that the Bandwidth is YouTube’s with built in navigation!

It is a wonderful tool for Citizen Journalism, for example if you run a news-site, for example: BizBuzzzz you can ask for citizen reporting. Non profit organisations can call-out for support videos around social campaigns. From a commercial perspective businesses can ask users to submit promotional videos about your brand.

NB We consider Youtube Direct as a complementary service to reach an blended New Media solution -  just as outlined in the example above. i.e: Recording conventional footage, virtual/adhoc video from mobile devices and providing a mechanism to readily access opinions through dedicated video booths. The latter as previously stated will produce higher quality recordings.

In addition, in conference voting can also provide another way to capture opinons and feedback:


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