Top Gadgets for 2009

Interesting looking back over the last year, we notice the following coming to good prominence:

  • Sky 3D – Coming soon commercially!
  • iPhone 3.0 – with cut & paste functions & now the phone offers over 90,000 applications!
  • The concepts of paying for apps has also lead some commentators to suggest that people will pay for exclusive content. More on the arguments on the latter at an article we wrote entitled:
  • Google Android 2.0 – together with Google Maps Navigation.
  • Windows 7 – Officially viewed at CES 2009 but not released until 22 October, Windows 7 has the fantastic touch screen functionality built in.
  • OS X Snow Leopard – With speed and great enhancements.
  • Project Natal – controller-free controls !
  • Spotify mobile
  • ustream – via your phone for live streaming
  • JazzFM – Iphone app
  • Track & Tuck – Iphone app
  • Radiobox – I phone app
  • Trainline- Iphone app
  • Sikhnet Radio – Iphone app
  • Sky songs – with a subscription fee for unlimited songs and a selection of MP3s to keep
  • Nikon Coolpix S1000PJ – including an awesome builtin projector.

See full article here:


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