Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid Tablet – fascinating

2010 is certainly getting off to an innovative start. Simply look at the new hybrid Tablet and Netbook from Lenovo . It is called the IdeaPad U1 Hybrid Tablet and I certainly think although it looks amazing it is certainly too early and wrong to suggest that it ‘trumps’ Apple. Especially as Apple are known to really think through their strategy, including very clever marketing and complementary tools from partners.

The good thing about the U1 product is its potential to both adapt and provide flexible applications.

Another interesting concept is the 2 screen e-Book. I always wondered how writing an e-Book with links would work. Cynics suggest that it could limit the writing capability as the tapestry or mental images provided by great text will be compromised by a simple link. My view is that there is room for those that want an ascetic feel of a book and / or creative writing.

Take a look at the following. I wonder how many actual e-Books with interactivity are actually available yet?


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