Does the i-pad suggest new advertising models ?

Well, not just the i-pad but great e-book readers like it does.
Some commentators have suggested that the i-pad is premature. Hey! We all have to start somewhere and on 3rd April 2010 (US official selling and availability dates for the i-pad), Apple with all its fantastic innovation will lead the way. For example, I remember buying one of the first mp3 players before the ipod. My pre-i-pod was a small brittle device but it did the trick.

What the i-pad brings us is what I have been dreaming about for years. An environmentally friendly unit that delivers rich engaging content. The video shows the potential for advertisers. NB The reality will be if more opportunities are given to many creative providers, not just traditional agencies. Why? Because everyone deserves a chance to bring in new ways of communicating messages within a commercial context.

Today, Advertising is too ‘In your face’!
Many feel that advertising needs to be more innovative and less, ‘in your face’, i.e: surveys have suggested that text message based adverts / spam, windows pop-ups or what I call web-page over-takers (adverts that simply confuse and hijack your reading space) are irritating. Even advertisements before watching a video can really turn-off the viewer!

So, what kind of advertisement is acceptable?
It is a known fact that entertainment orientated, subtle and relevant advertising is popular. There is also no point is placing advertising on the back of rich content, as by that time the viewer or listener is ready to move on. Maybe sponsored space is the best way to go, for example, a classified section that is sponsored? Or, how about shorter commercials, e.g: less than 10seconds.

In summary, it is great to see new tools like the i-book store coming our way, what we don’t want is commercial dominance by some players else they will be ‘talking to the hand’!!


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