iPad Motion Digital Magazine cover

Although the video soundtrack to Viv’s new motion cover for the ipad sound like a something out of ‘Land of the Giants’ – NB You may not be old enough to remember this and BTW you can now buy a box set of the series- it shows you what is possible, i.e: to create some great engaging content.

The video shown above is the finished product.
NB The video below outlines the, ‘making of the video’ – NB beware of the bad language at the end.
Some of the camera’s used for this shoot are described here.

More importantly, with the ipad offering so much interactivity, these digital advancements are just the start of what could become a new art of expression.

However, at what cost?

The end product is certainly amazingly glossy and impressive and offers new promise to professional photographer and videographers. NB It is the cover that has been developed.

However, it is likely that smaller magazines will not be able to afford this but over-time just like augmented reality equipment became cheaper, it will become more accessible. KHL Interactive offer i-pad magazine conversion services. One of the advantages is the ability to include overlays that can launch video content – this could be an alternative, as video could be launched at the beginning or embedded within the publication.

The other issue is who will bare the cost of such expensive shoots / content in the short-term? If the paywall model works then we could find chargeable premium editions, for example fashion magazines can cost  upwards of £5 per issue. Will an on-line digital version be supplemented by advertising revenues?


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