Sloth Video Viral advertising

Its fascinating how a short 90 second video has become the latest in the viral video stable.
Its also interesting the way major corporations are now beginning to take advantage of areas that people find interesting and then linking them to their products, services and on many occasions a subtle mention or pure association, for example being part of the viral videos name.

Take for example, the viral video for Alfa Romeo (see link below). Its not only creepy but borders on seedy.
The point being that what was an original video about cuteness (to some) has been hijacked.

Lets consider some typical traits in viral video’s:

  • Cuteness
  • Funny
  • Peril – My view it is bad to laugh at people that fall over
  • Identifiable – Can people easily relate to what you are talking about
  • Spontaneous – Remember Jill and Kevin Wedding video we spoke about.

Read more tips here.

There is an interesting article on understanding if viral video clips can encourage traffic to your website here.
Also, click here to read about and view the original Sloth video,  including news on a new festival to encourage associated creativity.
Quote, re: Lucy Cooke’s original video:

Within a week of visiting the world’s only sloth orphanage in Costa Rica last year, Lucy Cooke had made a rough-and-ready 90-second clip that was being watched by more than 160,000 people a day. Her decision to “go and shoot a bunch of sloths” put her at the epicentre of online viral video.

With her original footage still attracting thousands of eyeballs daily, Cooke is now in final talks with broadcasters about producing a full-length documentary. “I posted the 90-second video on my Vimeo site and very quickly it was favourited [sic] and pushed by Vimeo staff,” she explains. “I then put the word out via my personal Facebook page and also my Amphibian Avenger Facebook and Twitter feeds. The video was then tweeted and retweeted by a few key friends who have a lot of fans.

Personally, I believe that the quality of your brand image is essential. Being associated with something that is suspect should not overtake a firms zealousness to become mainstream or current. Then again, some may argue that any publicity is good publicity and that such content is just like flicking through a magazine. Corporate responsibility is also key to keep inline, else a costly law suit could commence.


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