The return of the Corporate Podcasting show

Yes, its been over a year since the last podcast.
It came down to time and focus and not necessarily in the order!

Podcasts should match the central focus of your organisation. Or, they simply be internally orientated as  a great communication tool.

We’ve re-thought the purpose of the Corporate Podcasting Show and have renamed / re-branded it to be inline with the main focus of Knowledge Hemispheres. Its almost as if we moved to a new era. We’re not saying the Podcasting is no longer valid! We believe it still is, but now forms part of a bigger story of new media, i.e: content on the move.

Mobile Apps have to be the biggest shift in recent times. Therefore, we’re going to deliver a podcast that is orientated towards the value of mobile apps and mobile content. Podcasting clearly fits into the latter.

The latest show, Episode 30 is now available:


This week we’re benefits of mobile content and Apps for business.
We hope you enjoy it!


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