Welcome to Did you tell me!?
The aim of this site is to share with visitors best practice in the arenas of Digital, Social and New Media – Project Management.
For example, there are some great methodologies, for example CM, PRINCE (ISEB) and PMP.
However, as technology moves at such an extreme pace, the nature of approaches has also evolved.

The early pioneers of extreme programming and information architects have now become respectable approaches / fields such as AGILE and User Experience.
We wonder sometimes if  Sir Timothy John “Tim” Berners-LeeOMKBEFRSFREngFRSA , also known as “TimBL“, computer scientistMIT professor and the inventor of theWorld Wide Web had ever thought that his discovery could generate such a positive ripple when he implemented the first successful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) client and server via the Internet.[3]

Introducing Dijatell.me aka – Digital Informatics Journal & Archives

In one sense its a channel or what many companies used to call, a Centre of Excellence (COE). In Dijatell’s case focusing on communicating best practice in the area Digital media and services, for example: Digital media innovation and refining associated project management approaches.

Time moves too fast, especially when you’re busy! Hence the need to contemplate and ‘take stock’, so that improvements can be made. The publication both online and in the form of eBooks (selective free and purchasable to buy) provides insightful views based on real projects. We also bring in the latest thinking from research and consider how this could be applied.
One of the biggest areas in project management is the underestimation of the term ‘management’. In our view it is more than just a set of checklists, quality criteria conformance and measurement. Its also about good leadership, followship and political awareness. These are areas not typically covered by management schools, yet they are linked to personalities and personal agendas.

We are more than just a best practice wiki, our motto is to tell it like it is. We’re creating a quality resource of information to provide you with the tools and techniques to deliver a great digital project – a attitude of did you tell me’? If not, please do because we rely and trust you to!


Dijatell.me – What is it in short?
This on-line journal should be considered as a home for best practice for delivering digital projects.

We aim to bring you some great publications both on-line and good old traditional print too!


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